Adenostoma fasciculatum var. obtusifolium

S. Watson in W. H. Brewer et al.

in W. H. Brewer et al., Bot. California 1: 184. 1876

Treatment appears in FNA Volume 9. Treatment on page 394. Mentioned on page 393.
Stems erect-ascending, spreading; internodes 1–7 mm; young stems pubescent to villous (hairs curled or retrorse). Leaves oblanceolate-clavate, obscurely semiterete, 4–6.5 mm (expanded distally), apex usually obtuse.

Phenology: Flowering (Apr–)May–Jun(–Aug).
Habitat: Mesas, ravines, coastal sage scrub-chaparral
Elevation: 20–1100(–2100) m


V9 658-distribution-map.jpg

Calif., Mexico (Baja California).


Variety obtusifolium is known from coastal southern California (southern Orange and San Diego counties) and northern Baja California, where it introgresses with var. fasciculatum, resulting in shorter, more strongly hairy stems, and leaves less apiculate or mixed obtuse-acute in some interior populations.



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