Agave deserti var. simplex

(Gentry) W. C. Hodgson & Reveal

Novon 11: 413. 2001

Common names: Simple desert agave
Basionyms: Agave deserti subsp. simplex Gentry Occas. Pap. Calif. Acad. Sci. 130: 22. 1978
Treatment appears in FNA Volume 26. Treatment on page 459. Mentioned on page 448, 449.
Plants rarely with 1–3 suckers; rosettes usually solitary, compact. Leaves (20–)25–60 × 4.5–10 cm; blade greenish, lanceolate; margins undulate to crenate; apical spine 3–4 cm. Scape 4–6 m. Perianth tube funnelform, (3–)5–10 mm; filaments inserted above middle but well within tube. 2n = 60.

Phenology: Flowering spring.
Habitat: Sandy to gravelly or rocky places in desert scrub and pinyon juniper woodlands
Elevation: 300–1500 m


Variety simplex hybridizes with A. schottii var. schottii and possibly with A. mckelveyana.

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AuthorJames L. Reveal + and Wendy C. Hodgson +
Authority(Gentry) W. C. Hodgson & Reveal +
BasionymsAgave deserti subsp. simplex +
Common nameSimple desert agave +
DistributionAriz. +, Calif. + and nw Mexico. +
Elevation300–1500 m +
HabitatSandy to gravelly or rocky places in desert scrub and pinyon juniper woodlands +
Illustration copyrightFlora of North America Association +
IllustratorBee F. Gunn +
PhenologyFlowering spring. +
Publication titleNovon +
Publication year2001 +
ReferenceNone +
Source xml grained fna xml/V26/V26 960.xml +
Taxon familyAgavaceae +
Taxon nameAgave deserti var. simplex +
Taxon parentAgave deserti +
Taxon rankvariety +
VolumeVolume 26 +