Agoseris grandiflora var. leptophylla

G. I. Baird

Sida 21: 267. 2004

Common names: Puget Sound agoseris
Treatment appears in FNA Volume 19. Treatment on page 330.
Leaves: blades linear to filiform, 10–36 cm × 2–4(–8) mm (excluding lobes), margins usually laciniately or finely pinnatifid, sometimes toothed, lobes or teeth linear to filiform. Involucres campanulate, 2–4 cm in fruit. Phyllaries mostly medially rosy purple and spotted, ± lanceolate, margins usually entire, rarely dentate; outer mostly subequal to, sometimes surpassing inner at flowering. Florets 40–60+. 2n = 18.

Phenology: Flowering Mar–Oct.
Habitat: Moist to dry lowland prairies, coastal forests, open coniferous woodlands
Elevation: 10–1800 m



B.C., Calif., Idaho, Oreg., Wash.


Variety leptophylla is most commonly found west of the Cascade Mountains from Vancouver Island through the Puget Sound and Willamette Valley to the Siskiyou-Klamath Mountains region of southwestern Oregon and northwestern California. It also occurs sporadically in mesic forest areas on the eastern slopes of the Cascade Mountains, and disjunctively in the Selkirk-Clearwater Mountains region of British Columbia and northern Idaho. In the Selkirk-Clearwater Mountains region, Columbia River Gorge, southern Willamette Valley, and Siskiyou-Klamath Mountains region </i>var.<i> grandiflora and </i>var.<i> leptophylla are sympatric and appear to be introgressive. In those regions, intermediate specimens are not uncommon. It may be one of the parental taxa of A. ×elata (which see), especially the Puget Sound-Willamette Valley populations.



Lower Taxa

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AuthorGary I. Baird +
AuthorityG. I. Baird +
BasionymsStylopappus grandiflorus +
Common namePuget Sound agoseris +
DistributionB.C. +, Calif. +, Idaho +, Oreg. + and Wash. +
Elevation10–1800 m +
HabitatMoist to dry lowland prairies, coastal forests, open coniferous woodlands +
IllustratorYevonn Wilson-Ramsey +
PhenologyFlowering Mar–Oct. +
Publication titleSida +
Publication year2004 +
ReferenceNone +
Source xml grained fna xml/V19-20-21/V19 504.xml +
SynonymsUndefined tribe Lactuceae +
Taxon familyAsteraceae +
Taxon nameAgoseris grandiflora var. leptophylla +
Taxon parentAgoseris grandiflora +
Taxon rankvariety +
VolumeVolume 19 +