Amaranthus sect. Acanthochiton

(Torrey) Mosyakin & K. R. Robertson
Ann. Bot. F enn. 33: 277. 1996.
Basionym: Undefined sect. Acanthochiton Torrey in L. Sitgreaves, Rep. Exped. Zuni Colorado Rivers, 170. 1853
Treatment appears in FNA Volume 4. Treatment on page 419.

Plants annual, glabrous or glabrescent. Bracts of pistillate flowers leaflike, deltate or rhombic-deltate, very broad, margins crispate and denticulate. Pistillate flowers: tepals 5, outer tepals linear to narrowly lanceolate, inner tepals spatulate to fan-shaped. Utricles dehiscence circumscissile.


sw North America.


Species 1.

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(Torrey) Mosyakin & K. R. Robertson +
Undefined sect. Acanthochiton +
sw North America. +
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