Amaranthus sect. Acnida

(Linnaeus) Mosyakin & K. R. Robertson

Ann. Bot. Fenn. 33: 277. 1996

Synonyms: Acnida sect. Acnidastrum Moquin-Tandon Acnida sect. Montelia Moquin-Tandon
Basionyms: Undefined sect. Acnida Linnaeus
Treatment appears in FNA Volume 4. Treatment on page 415. Mentioned on page 419.
Plants annual, glabrous. Bracts not enfolding flower, not leaflike, narrowly elliptic to subulate-linear, margins entire, plane (or in some species indistinctly undulate). Pistillate flowers: tepals absent or 1–2, reduced-linear or linear-lanceolate. Utricles usually indehiscent (dehiscent in some forms of A. tuberculatus).


North America, Mexico, West Indies, South America.


Species 4 (4 in the flora).