Aquilegia formosa var. hypolasia

(Greene) Munz

Gentes Herb. 7: 106. 1946.

Basionym: Aquilegia hypolasia Greene Leafl. Bot. Observ. Crit. 2: 141-142. 1911
Treatment appears in FNA Volume 3.

Stems and petioles densely pilose, somewhat viscid. Flowers: sepals 13-20 mm, 0.7-1 times as long as spurs; petal blades 0-3 mm.

Phenology: Flowering summer (Jun–Aug).
Habitat: Mesic woods or shrublands
Elevation: 0-2000 m


V3 323-distribution-map.gif

Calif., Mexico (Baja California).


Aquilegia formosa var. hypolasia is endemic to the peninsular ranges of California and adjacent Baja California. It is very close to A. formosa var. truncata; occasional plants of var. hypoplasia from the Peninsular Ranges may be almost glabrous, and occasional plants of var. truncata may be almost as pubescent as var. hypoplasia.

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