Arctoa anderssonii


Flora 42: 432, plate 7, figs. 3–8. 1859,.

Synonyms: Arctoa fulvella var. anderssonii (Wichura) Grout
Treatment appears in FNA Volume 27. Treatment on page 362.

Plants small, in compact, yellow-brown or green tufts. Stems (0.5–)1–2(–4) cm. Leaves erect spreading or falcate-secund, lanceolate, subulate, 2–3 mm; costa 30–55 µm wide at base, long-excurrent, rough near tip; distal laminal cells mostly quadrate (2–5:1), incrassate; basal laminal cells elongate, alar cells differentiated. Perichaetial leaves much larger than stem leaves. Seta short, 1–3 mm. Capsule immersed in perichaetial leaves, straight; peristome teeth spreading outward when dry. Spores 16–27 µm.

Phenology: Capsules mature summer.
Habitat: Siliceous rock
Elevation: high elevations


A rare high-arctic species, Arctoa anderssonii was once considered a variety of A. fulvella, but is distinguished by a short seta, large perichaetial leaves, and straight, immersed capsule. It has a costa that is more shortly excurrent than that of A. fulvella but longer than that of A. hyperborea.

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