Argythamnia brandegeei var. intonsa

(I. M. Johnston) J. W. Ingram ex L. C. Wheeler in L. D. Benson and R. A. Darrow
Trees & Shrubs Southw. Deserts, 394. 1954.
Basionym: Ditaxis brandegeei var. intonsa I. M. Johnston Proc. Calif. Acad. Sci., ser. 4, 12: 1062. 1924
Treatment appears in FNA Volume 12. Treatment on page 175. Mentioned on page 176.

Herbs or shrubs, perennial, monoecious, to 15 dm. Stems erect, sparsely hairy, sometimes glabrescent, hairs malpighiaceous. Leaves: stipules deciduous or sometimes persistent, subulate, 0.4–0.6 mm, margins not glandular; petiole 7–18 mm; blade elliptic to oblong, 4.5–9.6 × 0.9–2.9 cm, margins serrulate to serrate, without glands, surfaces sparsely hairy, sometimes glabrescent, hairs malpighiaceous. Inflorescences bisexual, 1.5–5.5 cm; bracts elliptic to ovate, 1.5–2.2 mm, margins without glands. Flowers without pink dye when wetted. Staminate flowers: sepals lanceolate, 4–6 × 0.8–1 mm; petals elliptic, 5–7 × 1.2–2.5 mm, adnate to androphore; nectary glands ovate to elliptic, 0.5–0.7 × 0.3–0.5 mm, adnate to or free from androphore, glabrous; stamens 10, staminodes 0–3, glabrous. Pistillate flowers: sepals lanceolate, 5.5–9 × 1.5–2.5 mm, without glands; petals 5, elliptic, lanceolate, or rhombic, 5–6 × 1.5–1.6 mm; nectary glands oblate, 0.7–1 × 0.9–1.3 mm, glabrous; ovary hispidulous; styles 2.4–4 mm, glabrous; stigmas flattened. Capsules 4.5–7 mm, hispidulous. Seeds 3–4 mm, smooth or rugose.

Phenology: Flowering year-round.
Habitat: Desert scrub, rocky soils.
Elevation: 100–400 m.


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Ariz., Mexico (Baja California Sur, Sonora).


Argythamnia brandegeei var. brandegeei is endemic to Mexico and usually is glabrous, although a few inconspicuous hairs are present on a fruit of the isotype: T. S. Brandegee s.n. (UC). In contrast, var. intonsa has hispidulous ovaries and capsules, and usually pubescent stems and leaves.

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Yocupitzia Ramírez-Amezcua +
(I. M. Johnston) J. W. Ingram ex L. C. Wheeler in L. D. Benson and R. A. Darrow +
Ditaxis brandegeei var. intonsa +
Ariz. +, Mexico (Baja California Sur +  and Sonora). +
100–400 m. +
Desert scrub, rocky soils. +
Flowering year-round. +
Trees & Shrubs Southw. Deserts, +
Ditaxis brandegeei +
Argythamnia brandegeei var. intonsa +
Argythamnia brandegeei +
variety +