Artemisia borealis subsp. richardsoniana

(Besser) Korobkov

in A. I. Tolmatchew, Fl. Arct. URSS 10: 178. 1987.

Common names: Richardson’s sagewort
Basionym: Artemisia richardsoniana Besser Bull. Soc. Imp. Naturalistes Moscou 9: 64. 1836,
Synonyms: Artemisia caudata var. richardsoniana (Besser) B. Boivin Artemisia desertorum var. richardsoniana (Besser) Besser
Treatment appears in FNA Volume 19. Treatment on page 506.

Plants (6–)8–15(–20) cm, herbage white-hoary. Corollas (at least lobes) deep red, 3–3.5 mm.

Phenology: Flowering mid–late summer.
Habitat: River terraces, tundra
Elevation: 0–600 m



N.W.T., Nunavut, Yukon, Alaska.


Long overlooked, subsp. richardsoniana is easily distinguished by its relatively short stature, dense, white indument, and deep red corollas. It is known only from western arctic North America.

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Leila M. Shultz +
(Besser) Korobkov +
Artemisia richardsoniana +
Richardson’s sagewort +
N.W.T. +, Nunavut +, Yukon +  and Alaska. +
0–600 m +
River terraces, tundra +
Flowering mid–late summer. +
in A. I. Tolmatchew, Fl. Arct. URSS +
Artemisia caudata var. richardsoniana +  and Artemisia desertorum var. richardsoniana +
Artemisia borealis subsp. richardsoniana +
Artemisia borealis +
subspecies +