Artemisia globularia subsp. globularia

Treatment appears in FNA Volume 19. Treatment on page 525.

Flowering stems 2–12(–16) cm. Corollas reddish black, eglandular. Cypselae ca. 2.5 mm, margins with relatively narrow ribs. 2n = 18, 36.

Phenology: Flowering late summer.
Habitat: Arctic and alpine tundra, interior mountains
Elevation: 200–1300 m



Yukon, Alaska, e Asia (Russian Far East).


The red color of the glabrous corollas and the larger heads of subsp. globularia distinguish it from the morphologically similar Artemisia glomerata.

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Leila M. Shultz +
Chamisso ex Besser +
Yukon +, Alaska +  and e Asia (Russian Far East). +
200–1300 m +
Arctic and alpine tundra, interior mountains +
Flowering late summer. +
Nouv. Mém. Soc. Imp. Naturalistes Moscou +
Ajania globularia +  and Artemisia norvegica subsp. globularia +
Artemisia globularia subsp. globularia +
Artemisia globularia +
subspecies +