Aspidotis californica

(Hooker) Nuttall ex Copeland

Gen. Fil. 68. 1947

Common names: California lace fern
Synonyms: Cheilanthes californica (Hooker) Mettenius
Basionyms: Hypolepis californica Hooker
Treatment appears in FNA Volume 2.
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Leaves monomorphic, 10–35 cm. Blade 4(–5)-pinnate, 3–12 cm, nearly as wide as long, papery. Ultimate segments lanceolate or deltate, 1.5–4 mm; midrib usually obscure abaxially. Sori of mature blades short, discrete, 1–3(–5) per segment; indusia semicircular, margins with 2–6 coarse, irregular teeth or ± entire. 2n = 60, 120.

Habitat: Rocky outcrops and crevices (not serpentine), moist to dry, shaded slopes and cliffs
Elevation: 20–1300 m


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Calif., Mexico in n Baja California.




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