Bloomeria crocea var. montana

(Greene) J. W. Ingram

Madroño 12: 23. 1953.

Common names: Mountain golden star inland golden star
Basionym: Bloomeria montana Greene Bull. Calif. Acad. Sci. 1: 281. 1885
Treatment appears in FNA Volume 26. Treatment on page 337.

Flowers: tepals yellow, 11–13 mm; basal filament appendages 2-cuspidate, aristate, cusps 3–3.5 mm, ca. 1/2 length of filaments, apex attenuate. 2n = 18.

Phenology: Flowering spring (Apr–Jun).
Habitat: Chaparral, yellow pine forests
Elevation: 300–1000 m


Variety montana is restricted to the southern Coast Ranges and the Tehachapi Mountains.

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