Blyxa aubertii


Memoires de la Classe des Sciences Mathematiques et Physiques de L'Institut National de France 12(2): 19. 1814

Treatment appears in FNA Volume 22.
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Stems 0.5–3 cm. Leaves 2.5–60 × 0.2–1.2 cm, margins finely serrate, apex acute. Inflorescences: peduncles to 50 cm [sessile]; spathe flattened. Flowers mostly solitary, rarely paired, projected to water surface; stamens 3. Fruits terete, 20–80 × to 5 mm. Seeds 1.2–1.8 mm.

Phenology: Flowering summer–fall.
Habitat: Shallow water of pools and lakes
Elevation: 0–50 m


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La., native, Asia, Africa, Australia.


Blyxa aubertii is known in the Western Hemisphere only from a few collections in southern Louisiana.



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