Brachydontium olympicum

(E. Britton) T. T. McIntosh & J. R. Spence

Bryologist 89: 200. 1986,.

Basionym: Grimmia olympica E. Britton Bryologist 13: 59, plate 7. 1910
Treatment appears in FNA Volume 27. Treatment on page 328.

Stems 2–5 mm. Leaves 1–2.5 mm, distal laminal cells mostly isodiametric, 1:1, with a few cells 2:1 or transversely elongate, areolation somewhat irregular, proximal cells longer. Seta 0.5–2 mm, flexuose when dry. Capsule spherical to short-ovate, 0.4–0.6 mm. Peristome absent. Spores 6–10 µm.

Habitat: Moist, acidic boulders, montane, predominantly alpine


B.C., Alaska, Oreg., Wash., e Asia (Japan).


The spherical or short-ovate capsules absent peristome teeth and the somewhat shorter distal laminal cells distinguish Brachydontium olympicum from B. trichodes. This is a circum-North Pacific montane species, which should be sought for in coastal areas of Siberia.

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