Brodiaea elegans


Amer. Midl. Naturalist 22: 555. 1939

Common names: Harvest brodiaea elegant cluster-lily
Treatment appears in FNA Volume 26. Treatment on page 324. Mentioned on page 322, 326.

Scape 10–50 cm, stout. Flowers 24–38 mm; perianth bluish purple to violet, tube funnelform, 8–19 mm, opaque, not splitting in fruit, lobes ascending, recurved distally, 15–30 mm; filaments 4–6 mm, base not triangular; anthers linear, 4–10 mm, apex rounded; staminodia erect or slightly recurved distally, distant from stamens, white to pale lilac, broad, equaling stamens, 6–9 mm, margins planate or 1/4 involute, apex rounded; ovary 9–15 mm; style 7–15 mm; pedicel 5–10 cm.


Subspecies 2 (2 in the flora).

Documentation is needed to verify that this species ranges as far north as Polk County, Oregon, and as far south as San Diego County, California. Most of the plants included in Brodiaea coronaria by W. L. Jepson (1923–1925) have been moved to B. elegans (R. F. Hoover 1939b; T. F. Niehaus 1980; P. A. Munz 1959).

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1 Staminodia erect distally, margins planate and straight; California and sw Oregon. Brodiaea elegans subsp. elegans
1 Staminodia recurved distally, margins 1/4 involute; Oregon. Brodiaea elegans subsp. hooveri