Callitriche fassettii


Acta Bot. Neerl. 15: 477, figs. 1, 2. 1966.

Common names: Fassett’s water-starwort
EndemicConservation concern
Synonyms: Callitriche autumnalis var. bicarpellaris Fenley e× Jepson C. hermaphroditica var. bicarpellaris (Fenley e× Jepson) H. Mason
Treatment appears in FNA Volume 17. Treatment on page 51. Mentioned on page 49, 50, 54.

Leaves not connate at base, ± linear, tapering from base, 12 × 0.3–0.5 mm, 1-veined. Stem and leaf scales absent. Inflorescences: bracts absent. Pedicels 0.5–1 mm in fruit. Flowers solitary or 1+ per axil; styles recurved, ± reflexed; pollen colorless. Schizocarps 1.1–1.8 × 1.5–2.5 mm, shorter than wide; mericarps black, not swollen, winged throughout, wings straight, 0.1–0.3 mm wide.

Phenology: Flowering Apr–May(–Jul).
Habitat: Vernal and permanent pools, running water.
Elevation: 0–1600 m.


Callitriche fassettii is widespread in California and adjacent Oregon. The record from Nebraska is based on a single specimen, which could be due to introduction, or could involve an identification or recording error and requires confirmation.

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Richard V. Lansdown +
Schotsman +
Fassett’s water-starwort +
Calif. +, Nebr. +  and Oreg. +
0–1600 m. +
Vernal and permanent pools, running water. +
Flowering Apr–May(–Jul). +
Acta Bot. Neerl. +
Endemic +  and Conservation concern +
Callitriche autumnalis var. bicarpellaris +  and C. hermaphroditica var. bicarpellaris +
Callitriche fassettii +
Callitriche +
species +