Chenopodium subg. Blitum

(Linnaeus) Hiitonen

Suom. Kasvio, 307. 1933.

Basionym: Undefined subg. Blitum Linnaeus Sp. Pl.,Gen. Pl. ed. 1: 4. 1753,5, 6. 1754
Treatment appears in FNA Volume 4. Treatment on page 278. Mentioned on page 276, 280.

Plants annual or perennial. Leaf blades glabrous or farinose. Inflorescences dense glomerules sessile on terminal or axillary spikes. Flowers: perianth segments 3–5, stamens 1–5. Seeds vertical or vertical and horizontal in same inflorescence.


Northern Hemisphere.


Species 8 (8 in the flora).

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