Delphinium variegatum subsp. kinkiense

(Munz) M. J. Warnock

Phytologia 68: 2. 1990.

Common names: San Clemente Island larkspur
Conservation concernEndemic
Basionym: Delphinium kinkiense Munz Aliso 7: 69. 1969
Treatment appears in FNA Volume 3.

Stem: base sparsely long-pubescent. Inflorescences usually with fewer than 12 flowers per branch. Flowers: sepals white or light blue, lateral sepals 11-18 mm; lower petal blades 4-9 mm.

Phenology: Flowering early spring.
Habitat: Chaparral, oak woods, grassland
Elevation: 0-500 m


Of conservation concern.

Delphinium variegatum subsp. kinkiense has an extremely restricted distribution, is very poorly known, and is imperiled by grazing. Delphinium parryi and D. variegatum subsp. thornei are the only other taxa of Delphinium naturally found on San Clemente Island.

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