Dodecahema leptoceras

(A. Gray) Reveal & Hardham

Phytologia 66: 87. 1989

Basionyms: Centrostegia leptoceras A. Gray Proc. Amer. Acad. Arts 8: 192. 1870
Synonyms: Chorizanthe leptoceras (A. Gray) S. Watson
Treatment appears in FNA Volume 5. Mentioned on page 474.
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Plants 0.3–0.8(–1) × 0.2–0.8 dm. Leaf blades (1–)1.5–4(–6) × 0.2–0.4(–0.7) cm. Peduncles 0.5–1 mm. Flowers: perianth 1.2–1.8(–2) mm; filaments 0.6–1 mm; anthers 0.4–0.5 mm. Achenes 1.7–2 mm. 2n = ca. 34.

Phenology: Flowering May–Jun.
Habitat: Sandy to gravelly flats and slopes, chaparral communities, pine-oak woodlands
Elevation: 200-700 m


Of conservation concern.

Dodecahema leptoceras is known only from the foothills of the San Gabriel Mountains of Los Angeles County, the San Bernardino Mountains of San Bernardino County, and the San Jacinto Mountains of western Riverside County. The urbanization of the greater Los Angeles area has significantly reduced the number of known northern populations. Slender-horned spinyherb is federally listed as endangered.

Dodecahema leptoceras is in the Center for Plant Conservation’s National Collection of Endangered Plants.



Lower Taxa

No lower taxa listed.

Facts about "Dodecahema leptoceras"
AuthorJames L. Reveal +
Authority(A. Gray) Reveal & Hardham +
BasionymsCentrostegia leptoceras +
DistributionCalif. +
Elevation200-700 m +
HabitatSandy to gravelly flats and slopes, chaparral communities, pine-oak woodlands +
PhenologyFlowering May–Jun. +
Publication titlePhytologia +
Publication year1989 +
ReferenceNone +
Source xml grained fna xml/V5/V5 996.xml +
SynonymsChorizanthe leptoceras +
Taxon familyPolygonaceae +
Taxon nameDodecahema leptoceras +
Taxon parentDodecahema +
Taxon rankspecies +
VolumeVolume 5 +