Commerson ex L’Héretier

Stirp. Nov., 59, plates 30, 30 bis. 1786.

Etymology: For Étienne de Flacourt, 1607–1660, Governor of Madagascar
Treatment appears in FNA Volume 7. Treatment on page 163. Mentioned on page 5, 8.

Trees or shrubs, usually not heterophyllous, not clonal; branching sympodial. Stems usually spinose, sometimes unarmed, spines simple and/or compound. Leaves usually persistent, sometimes deciduous; stipules minute; petiole not glandular. Inflorescences axillary or terminal (on lateral twigs), few-flowered, racemelike cymes [2-flowered fascicles], pistillate flowers sometimes solitary. Pedicels articulate near base. Flowers (unisexual and/or bisexual, fragrant [not]); sepals 4–7; disc lobed; stamens ca. 15–30; filaments distinct; ovary [2–]5–7[–10]-carpellate (and -locular, placentation axile, placentae intruded and fused); styles (persistent) connate basally [entirely and columnar]; stigma notched-capitate or truncate. Fruits drupaceous. Seeds: aril absent. x = 11.


Introduced; Fla., s Asia, c, s Africa, Indian Ocean islands, Pacific Islands.


Species ca. 15 (1 in the flora).

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