Juncus falcatus

E. Meyer

Syn. Luzul. 34. 1823.

Treatment appears in FNA Volume 22.

Herbs, perennial, rhizomatous, 0.5–3 dm. Culms erect, slightly compressed. Leaves: basal 2–4, cauline 1–3; auricles absent or rudimentary; blade flat, 4–15 cm × 1.5–3 mm. Inflorescences glomerules, (1–)2–5, each with 2–15 flowers, open or aggregate; primary bract usually exceeding inflorescence. Flowers: tepals brown, ovate-lanceolate, 4.5–6 mm, margins scarious, minutely papillate; inner series slightly shorter. Capsules brown, 3-locular, obovoid, 3–5 mm, shorter than perianth. Seeds ovoid to pyriform, 0.7 mm, not tailed.


V22 231-distribution-map.jpg

B.C., Alaska, Calif., Oreg., Wash., Pacific Islands.


Varieties 2 (2 in the flora).

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1 Filaments much shorter than anthers Juncus falcatus var. falcatus
1 Filaments ca. as long as anthers Juncus falcatus var. sitchensis