Lechea mensalis


Rhodora 40: 92, plate 489, figs. 1 – 4. 1938.

Common names: Mountain pinweed
Conservation concern
Treatment appears in FNA Volume 6. Treatment on page 393. Mentioned on page 390, 394.

Herbs, perennial. Stems: basal produced; flowering erect, 15–25 cm, sericeous. Leaves of flowering stems alternate; blade linear, 8–15 × 0.7–1.2 mm, apex acute to rounded, abaxial surface sparsely pilose on midvein and margins, adaxial glabrous. Pedicels 1 per axil, 1.5–2 mm. Flowers: calyx 1.9–2 mm, outer sepals longer than inner. Capsules ovoid, 1.6–1.8 × 1.2–1.3 mm, ± equaling calyx. Seeds 1(2).

Phenology: Flowering late summer; fruiting fall.
Habitat: Oak-juniper woodlands
Elevation: 2000–2300 m


V6 736-distribution-map.jpg

N.Mex., Tex., Mexico (Coahuila).


Of conservation concern.

Lechea mensalis is known from open woodlands dominated by species of oak and juniper at only two locations in the United States: the Guadalupe Mountains of southeastern New Mexico and adjacent Texas and the Chisos Mountains of west Texas; it also occurs in adjacent Coahuila, Mexico.

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