Limnanthes sect. Limnanthes

Synonyms: Limnanthes sect. Reflexae C. T. Mason
Treatment appears in FNA Volume 7. Treatment on page 175. Mentioned on page 173.

Herbage glabrous. Flowers usually 5-merous (4 in L. macounii); sepals not accrescent; petals flexed outward (reflexed) as fruits mature, white, bright to pale yellow, or yellow with white tips, veins translucent, purplish, pink, rose, white, or cream, sometimes aging or drying lilac, pink, chartreuse, or pale yellow, longer than sepals, with marginal hairs basally.


w North America.


Species 4 (4 in the flora).


1 Sepals 4; petals 4; stems decumbent (sometimes upcurved apically). Limnanthes macounii
1 Sepals 5; petals 5; stems erect or ascending > 2
2 Leaflet blade margins usually toothed or lobed, sometimes entire; sepals 4-10 mm. Limnanthes douglasii
2 Leaflet blade margins usually entire (rarely 2- or 3-lobed); sepals 5-7 mm > 3
3 Petals 7-9 mm; styles 2-3 mm. Limnanthes bakeri
3 Petals 12-18 mm; styles 4.5-6.5 mm. Limnanthes vinculans