(H. Itô) Ching
Acta Phytotax. Sin. 8: 308. 1963.
Etymology: Greek makros, large, thelys, female, and pteris, fern
Basionym: Thelypteris sect. Macrothelypteris H. Itô in Nakai & Honda, Nov. Fl. Jap. 4: 141. 1938
Synonyms: Thelypteris subg. Macrothelypteris (H. Itô).
Treatment appears in FNA Volume 2.

Stems short-creeping, thick, 1 cm diam. Blades 2-pinnate-pinnatifid nearly throughout, broadest at base, apex gradually reduced; pinnae pinnate-pinnatifid, sessile or stalked, not connected by wing along rachis; costae not grooved adaxially; buds absent; veins free, often forked, tips not reaching margin; rachises and costae lacking scales; indument abaxially of unbranched, septate hairs mostly over 1 mm. Sori round, medial to supramedial; indusia small, less than 0.3 mm diam., often obscured in mature sori; sporangial capsules bearing short-stalked glands. x = 31.


Tropical and subtropical regions, North America, Asia, Africa, Pacific Islands, Australia in Queensland.


Species ca. 10 (1 introduced in the flora).

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Alan R. Smith +
(H. Itô) Ching +
Thelypteris sect. Macrothelypteris +
Tropical and subtropical regions +, North America +, Asia +, Africa +, Pacific Islands +  and Australia in Queensland. +
Greek makros, large, thelys, female, and pteris, fern +
Acta Phytotax. Sin. +
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Thelypteris subg. Macrothelypteris +
Macrothelypteris +
Thelypteridaceae +