Orthotrichum sordidum

Sullivant & Lesquereux in C. F. Austin

in C. F. Austin, Musci Appalach., 168. 1870

Selected by author to be illustrated
Synonyms: Orthotrichum affine var. sordidum (Sullivant & Lesquereux) Grout O. affine subsp. subrivale Kindberg O. cancellatum unknown
Treatment appears in FNA Volume 28. Treatment on page 67. Mentioned on page 47.
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Illustrator: Patricia M. Eckel
Plants 0.5–3 cm. Stem leaves loosely erect-appressed and often slightly contorted when dry, narrowly lanceolate to oblong-lanceolate, 2–3.6 mm; margins revolute to near apex, entire; apex acute; basal laminal cells elongate-rectangular, walls thick, nodose; distal cells 7–14 µm, 1-stratose, papillae 2 or 3 per cell, conic, size moderate. Specialized asexual reproduction absent. Sexual condition gonioautoicous. Seta 0.5–1.6 mm. Capsule 1/2–2/3 emergent, sometimes immersed or fully exserted, oblong to oblong-cylindric, 0.8–1.5 mm, strongly 8-ribbed 1/2–2/3 length; stomata superficial; peristome double; prostome rudimentary or absent; exostome teeth 8, reflexed, reticulately papillose to obscurely papillose, deeply perforate, cancellate; endostome segments 8, well developed, usually present when capsule is old and dry, narrow, of 1 or 2 rows of cells, smooth or finely verrucose. Calyptra oblong-conic, smooth, sparsely hairy, hairs smooth or papillose. Spores 19–29 µm.

Habitat: Trunks of deciduous and coniferous trees, boulders in hardwood forests, small trees
Elevation: low to moderate elevations (0-1000 m)


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Man., N.B., Nfld. and Labr., N.W.T., N.S., Ont., P.E.I., Que., Alaska, Maine, Mass., Mich., Minn., N.H., N.J., N.Y., Pa., Vt., Wis., n Asia.


Orthotrichum sordidum is distinguished by its oblong capsules with exostome teeth perforate almost to the base and cancellate distally. The capsule neck is long and shriveled.



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Facts about "Orthotrichum sordidum"
AuthorDale H. Vitt +
AuthoritySullivant & Lesquereux in C. F. Austin +
DistributionMan. +, N.B. +, Nfld. and Labr. +, N.W.T. +, N.S. +, Ont. +, P.E.I. +, Que. +, Alaska +, Maine +, Mass. +, Mich. +, Minn. +, N.H. +, N.J. +, N.Y. +, Pa. +, Vt. +, Wis. + and n Asia. +
Elevationlow to moderate elevations (0-1000 m) +
HabitatTrunks of deciduous and coniferous trees, boulders in hardwood forests, small trees +
IllustratorPatricia M. Eckel +
Publication titlein C. F. Austin, Musci Appalach., +
Publication year1870 +
ReferenceNone +
Source xmlhttps://jpend@bitbucket.org/aafc-mbb/fna-data-curation.git/src/f6b125a955440c0872999024f038d74684f65921/coarse grained fna xml/V28/V28 98.xml +
Special statusSelected by author to be illustrated +
SynonymsOrthotrichum affine var. sordidum +, O. affine subsp. subrivale + and O. cancellatum +
Taxon familyOrthotrichaceae +
Taxon nameOrthotrichum sordidum +
Taxon parentOrthotrichum +
Taxon rankspecies +
VolumeVolume 28 +