Packera neomexicana var. toumeyi

(Greene) Trock & T. M. Barkley

Sida 18: 386. 1998.

Common names: Toumey’s groundsel
EndemicConservation concern
Basionym: Senecio toumeyi Greene Pittonia 3: 349. 1898
Synonyms: Senecio blumeri Greene Senecio neomexicanus var. toumeyi (Greene) T. M. Barkley
Treatment appears in FNA Volume 20. Treatment on page 594. Mentioned on page 593.

Perennials, densely lanate or woolly, rhizomatous (rhizomes creeping) or fibrous-rooted (caudices suberect). Stems 1 (scapiform). Basal leaves: blades ovate to obovate, margins irregularly dentate. Cauline leaves inconspicuous (abruptly reduced, bractlike). 2n = 44, 46.

Phenology: Flowering mid Apr–early Jul.
Habitat: Well-drained, rocky soils in coniferous woodlands
Elevation: 1800–2500 m


Of conservation concern.

Variety toumeyi is known only from the Pinal, Chiricahua, and Santa Catalina mountains of Arizona and the Animas and Black mountains of New Mexico. Although range and habitat of var. toumeyi overlap with those of var. neomexicana, the two are readily distinguished. Adaxial leaf faces of var. toumeyi are glabrate and the plants are scapiform.

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Debra K. Trock +
(Greene) Trock & T. M. Barkley +
Senecio toumeyi +
Toumey’s groundsel +
Ariz. +  and N.Mex. +
1800–2500 m +
Well-drained, rocky soils in coniferous woodlands +
Flowering mid Apr–early Jul. +
Endemic +  and Conservation concern +
Senecio blumeri +  and Senecio neomexicanus var. toumeyi +
Packera neomexicana var. toumeyi +
Packera neomexicana +
variety +