Penstemon patens

(M. E. Jones) N. H. Holmgren

Brittonia 31: 106. 1979

Common names: Lone pine beardtongue
Basionyms: Penstemon confusus var. patens M. E. Jones Contr. W. Bot. 12: 63. 1908
Synonyms: P. confusus subsp. patens (M. E. Jones) D. D. Keck
Treatment appears in FNA Volume 17. Treatment on page 154. Mentioned on page 150, 151.

Stems ascending to erect, (15–)20–40 cm, glaucous. Leaves glabrous or obscurely scabrous, especially along margins, glaucous; basal and proximal cauline (30–)50–75 × 7–14 mm, blade oblanceolate, base tapered, margins entire, apex obtuse to acute, sometimes mucronate; cauline 2–4 pairs, sessile, 25–70(–90) × 4–15(–25) mm, blade lanceolate, base tapered, margins entire, apex acute. Thyrses ± interrupted, ± secund, 5–26 cm, axis glabrous, verticillasters 5 or 6(–10), cymes 3–7(–13)-flowered; proximal bracts lanceolate, 10–54 × 3–16 mm; peduncles and pedicels spreading to ascending, glabrous. Flowers: calyx lobes ovate, 3–6(–7) × 1.9–2.6 mm, margins entire or erose, glabrous; corolla violet or reddish violet to lavender, with red or reddish purple nectar guides, bilaterally symmetric, bilabiate, tubular-funnelform, 13–17(–20) mm, glabrous externally or buds and young flowers sometimes with sessile glands distally, glabrous internally, tube 5–7 mm, throat gradually inflated, 6–7 mm diam., rounded or slightly 2-ridged abaxially; stamens included, pollen sacs navicular, 1–1.3 mm, sutures smooth or papillate; staminode 7–8 mm, flattened distally, 0.5–0.6 mm diam., tip recurved, distal 1–3 mm sparsely papillate, papillae golden yellow or reddish yellow, to 0.2 mm; style 10–12 mm. Capsules 8–10 × 4–6 mm. 2n = 16.

Phenology: Flowering May–Jun.
Habitat: Sagebrush shrublands, pinyon-juniper woodlands, pine forests.
Elevation: 1800–3000 m.


Penstemon patens occurs on mountain slopes surrounding the Owens Valley in Inyo and Mono counties, California, in the Huntoon Mountains in western Mineral County, Nevada, and in the East Desert and Sheep ranges in Clark County, Nevada. Penstemon patens usually is distinguishable from P. confusus and P. utahensis by its glabrous (versus glandular-pubescent) corollas; flower buds and young flowers of P. patens often bear some sessile glands distally.

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Craig C. Freeman +
(M. E. Jones) N. H. Holmgren +
Penstemon confusus var. patens +
Lone pine beardtongue +
Calif. +  and Nev. +
1800–3000 m. +
Sagebrush shrublands, pinyon-juniper woodlands, pine forests. +
Flowering May–Jun. +
P. confusus subsp. patens +
Penstemon patens +
Penstemon sect. Gentianoides +
species +