Phanerophlebia umbonata

L. Underwood

Bull. Torrey Bot. Club 26: 211. 1899.

Synonyms: Cyrtomium umbonatum (L. Underwood) C. V. Morton
Treatment appears in FNA Volume 2.

Leaves 30–90 cm. Pinnae 10–18 pairs, lanceolate, usually falcate, 5–15 cm, base cuneate to ± truncate, apex attenuate; acroscopic lobe absent. Indusia scarious, convex with darker, raised umbo centrally, persistent and not shriveled at maturity. 2n = 82.

Habitat: Moist, sheltered canyons and ravines
Elevation: 1800–1900 m


In the flora Phanerophlebia umbonata is known only from the Chisos Mountains, in Brewster County, Texas.

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