Ranunculus subg. Coptidium

(Prantl) L. D. Benson
Amer. J. Bot. 27: 807. 1940.
Basionym: Undefined subg. Ranunculus b. Coptidium Prantl Bot. Jahrb. Syst. 9: 266. 1887
Treatment appears in FNA Volume 3. Mentioned on page 133.

Plants glabrous. Stems creeping, not bulbous-based, without bulbils. Roots nodal, never tuberous. Leaves cauline, simple, petiolate; blade deeply 3-parted to base, as wide as long, segments toothed or shallowly lobed. Inflorescences axillary, solitary flowers. Flowers pedicellate (pedicels naked, rarely leafy); sepals deciduous soon after anthesis, 3; petals 5-8, yellow; nectary scale attached on 3 sides, forming pocket, glabrous, free margin entire; style present. Fruits achenes, 1-locular; achene body oblong-lenticular, 1.9-2.6 times as wide as thick, prolonged beyond seed as corky distal appendage; wall thick, smooth; margin low corky band; beak much shorter than achene body.


North America, Eurasia.


Species 1 (1 in the flora).

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