Verbatim text: Haynes, R. R. and L. B. Holm-Nielsen. 1992. The Limnocharitaceae. In: Organization for Flora Neotropica. 1968+. Flora Neotropica. 75+ nosvols. New York. NoVol. 56, pp. 1--34.
Author: Haynes, R.R.;Holm-Nielsen, L.B.
Year: 1992
Title: The Limnocharitaceae
Book year: 1968
Book title: Flora Neotropica
Book volume: 75+ nosvols
Publisher: Organization for Flora Neotropica
Volume: 56
Pages: 1–34

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AuthorHaynes, R.R. + and Holm-Nielsen, L.B. +
PublisherOrganization for Flora Neotropica +