Rumex subg. Rumex

Synonyms: Undefined subg. Lapathum (Miller) Rechinger f. Rumex sect. Lapathum (Miller) Campderá Rumex subg. Lapathum
Treatment appears in FNA Volume 5. Treatment on page 514. Mentioned on page 489, 523.

Plants synoecious (rarely polygamodioecious or dioecious individuals occur in some species). Leaf blades variable, cuneate, truncate, rounded, or cordate at base, but never hastate or sagittate, unlobed or in some species with rounded basal lobes. Pedicels articulated near middle or in proximal part (sometimes articulation indistinct). Flowers normally bisexual or, sometimes, bisexual and unisexual (staminate and pistillate on same plant) within same inflorescence; outer tepals normally angled towards inner tepals, or sometimes spreading; inner tepals distinctly enlarged, always distinctly wider and longer than achene; tubercles present or absent.


Nearly wordwide.


Species at least 150 (53 in the flora).

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