Selaginella asprella


Smithsonian Misc. Collect. 72: 6. 1920

Common names: Bluish spike-moss
Treatment appears in FNA Volume 2.

Plants on rock or terrestrial, forming cushionlike or loose mats. Stems decumbent to short-creeping, dry stem readily fragmenting, irregularly forking, without budlike arrested branches, tips straight; main stem upperside and underside structurally slightly different, inconspicuously indeterminate, lateral branches radially symmetric, determinate or not, often strongly ascending on cushionlike mats, 1–2-forked. Rhizophores borne on upperside of stems, throughout stem length, 0.2–0.4 mm diam. Leaves monomorphic, in alternate pseudowhorls of 4, tightly appressed, ascending, green, narrowly triangular-lanceolate to linear-lanceolate, (2–)2.5–4 × 0.45–0.7(–0.8) mm (smaller on young buds); abaxial ridges present; base cuneate and decurrent or sometimes rounded and adnate on young buds, pubescent (hairs often covering 1/4 of leaf length abaxially); margins ciliate, cilia transparent to whitish, spreading, 0.7–0.15 mm; apex keeled, attenuate or obtuse, bristled; bristle white or transparent, puberulent, 0.5–1.4 mm. Strobili solitary, 0.4–1.5(–2) cm; sporophylls lanceolate and strongly tapering to apex or deltate-ovate to ovate-lanceolate, abaxial ridges moderately defined, base pubescent or glabrous, margins short-ciliate to dentate, apex keeled or plane, bristled.

Habitat: Limestone ridges, dry rocky slopes, igneous rock, exposed cliffs or gravelly soil
Elevation: 900–2700 m


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Calif., Mexico in Baja California.


Selaginella asprella may be confused with S. leucobryoides particularly because of its readily fragmenting stems.

Of conservation concern.

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Iván A. Valdespino +
Bluish spike-moss +
Calif. +  and Mexico in Baja California. +
900–2700 m +
Limestone ridges, dry rocky slopes, igneous rock, exposed cliffs or gravelly soil +
Smithsonian Misc. Collect. +
Selaginella asprella +
Selaginella subg. Tetragonostachys +
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