Mackenzie ex Small

Man. S.E. Fl., 1406, 1509. 1933.

Etymology: For John Kunkel Small, 1869–1938, American botanist
Treatment appears in FNA Volume 21. Treatment on page 33.

Perennials [annuals, shrubs], 100–300[1200+] cm. Stems erect. Leaves cauline; opposite; petiolate (petioles usually winged) [sessile]; blades mostly deltate to ovate, usually ± palmately lobed, ultimate margins dentate to denticulate, faces hirtellous, pilosulous, or puberulent, gland-dotted (at least abaxially). Heads radiate, borne singly or (2–5) in crowded, corymbiform arrays. Involucres hemispheric, 8–15 mm diam. Phyllaries persistent, 12–13[–25+] in 2 series (outer 4–6 ovate to lanceolate [orbiculate], herbaceous, inner as many as rays, more membranous to scarious, narrower and shorter). Receptacles flat to convex, paleate (paleae obovate to spatulate, scarious). Ray florets 7–13[–25+], pistillate, fertile; corollas yellow [white or orange] (tubes hairy, laminae linear to elliptic [ovate]). Disc florets [20–]40–80[–150+], functionally staminate; corollas yellow [orange], tubes shorter than abruptly campanulate [funnelform] throats, lobes 5, deltate. Cypselae (obliquely inserted on receptacles, each shed separate from subtending phyllary) obovoid [quadrangular], somewhat compressed, finely 30–40-ribbed or -striate (not narrowed at bases, not apically beaked); pappi 0 (cypselae sometimes hairy at apices). x = 16.


United States, Mexico, South America.


Species ca. 20 (1 in the flora).

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John L. Strother +
Mackenzie ex Small +
United States +, Mexico +  and South America. +
For John Kunkel Small, 1869–1938, American botanist +
Man. S.E. Fl., +
robinson1978a +  and turner1988c +
Compositae +
Smallanthus +
Asteraceae (tribe Heliantheae) subtribe Melampodiinae +