Soleirolia soleirolii

(Requien) Dandy

Feddes Repert. 70: 4. 1965

Common names: Baby's-tears
Selected by author to be illustratedIntroduced
Basionyms: Helxine soleirolii Requien
Treatment appears in FNA Volume 3.
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Herbs, 0.2-2.5dm, sparsely to densely pubescent with falcate and straight hairs. Stems rooting at nodes. Leaf blades 3-8 × 2-4mm, base prominently oblique. Achenes light brown, shiny, symmetric, 0.8-0.9 × 0.6mm, hard.

Phenology: Flowering late winter–spring.
Habitat: Weed in lawns and gardens, waste places, shaded banks, sidewalks
Elevation: 0-100m


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Calif., Mexico (Baja California), Europe.




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