Uvularia floridana

Fl. South. U.S., 487. 1860.
Common names: Florida bellwort
Synonyms: Oakesia floridana (Chapman) J. F. Macbride Oakesiella floridana (Chapman) Small
Treatment appears in FNA Volume 26. Treatment on page 149. Mentioned on page 148.
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Illustrator: Barbara Alongi

Copyright: Flora of North America Association

Rhizomes elongate, 10–15 cm, fleshy, bearing scattered, fibrous roots; stolons present. Stem 1, simple, angled distally, 2.5–4 dm, nodes glabrous, bearing 1–2 leaves below lowest branch. Leaf blades sessile, narrowly to broadly elliptic, 4–7(–8.5) × 1.5–3 cm, glabrous abaxially, margins minutely papillose, apex rounded to acute. Flowers 1 per stem; peduncles 0.2–0.8 cm, bearing 1, ovate, leafy bract, 0.7–2.5 cm; tepals pale whitish yellow, 20–30 × 3–4 mm, smooth adaxially, apex acuminate; stamens 10–15 mm; anthers 5–10 mm; connectives 0.5–2 mm; ovary sessile or subsessile, sharply triangular; style 10–15 mm; stigma lobes 3–5 mm. Capsules sessile or subsessile, sharply 3-winged, generally ellipsoid, 2–3.7 × 1–2 cm, apical attenuate beak 4–7 mm. Seeds 3–5 mm; arils crested. 2n = 12.

Phenology: Flowering early spring.
Habitat: Rich hardwood forest and alluvial bottomlands
Elevation: 0–100 m


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Ala., Fla., Ga., Miss., S.C.


The 2n = 12 aneuploid chromosome report for Uvularia floridana from Florida’s panhandle (F. H. Utech 1978d) represents a reduction from the typical 2n = 14 for the genus (S. Kawano and H. H. Iltis 1964).

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Frederick H. Utech +  and Shoichi Kawano +
Chapman +
Florida bellwort +
Ala. +, Fla. +, Ga. +, Miss. +  and S.C. +
0–100 m +
Rich hardwood forest and alluvial bottomlands +
Flowering early spring. +
Fl. South. U.S., +
Oakesia floridana +  and Oakesiella floridana +
Uvularia floridana +
Uvularia +
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