Sessé & Moçiño ex de Candolle

Syst. Nat.1: 511, 543. 1817

Etymology: A mythi-cal hermaphrodite monster, in reference to the original inclusion in Menispermaceae, where it was the only genus with bisexual flowers
Found in FNA Volume 4. Treatment on page 4. Mentioned on page 3.
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Vines, perennial, semiwoody. Leaves alternate. Inflorescences terminal or axillary panicles, mostly 50–100-flowered. Flowers epigynous (hypogynous in all other genera); sepals 4(–5); stamens 15–20; carpels (3–)4, connate at least halfway proximally; ovary inferior (3–)4-locular, eventually 1-locular by abortion of septa; style 1; stigmas (3–)4. Fruits cypselas, turbinate, crowned by winglike sepals. Seed 1, by abortion of other (2–)3 ovules.


North America, Mexico, Central America.


Species 1.