Aquilegia elegantula


Pittonia 4: 14-15. 1899.

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Stems 10-60 cm. Basal leaves 2×-ternately compound, 15-30 cm, usually shorter than stems; leaflets green adaxially, to 11-33 mm, not viscid; primary petiolules 17-58 mm (leaflets not crowded), glabrous or pilose. Flowers pendent; sepals erect, red proximally, yellow-green distally, elliptic-ovate, 7-11 × 4-5 mm, apex rounded to acute; petals: spurs red, straight, ± parallel, 16-23 mm, stout (at least proximally), abruptly narrowed near middle, blades yellow-green, oblong or rounded, 6-8 × 3-4 mm; stamens 8-14 mm. Follicles 13-20 mm; beak 13-15 mm.

Phenology: Flowering spring–summer (May–Jul).
Habitat: Moist coniferous forests, especially along streams
Elevation: 1500-3500 m


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Ariz., Colo., N.Mex., Utah, n Mexico.


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