Arctostaphylos manzanita subsp. roofii

(Gankin) P. V. Wells

Madroño 19: 201. 1968 ,.

Common names: Roof’s manzanita
Basionym: Arctostaphylos roofii Gankin Leafl. W. Bot. 10: 329. 1966
Treatment appears in FNA Volume 8. Treatment on page 438. Mentioned on page 437.

Plants resprouting after fire; burl prominent; twigs glabrous or finely short-hairy. Leaf blades dull to shiny green, not glaucous. Inflorescences: axis 1+ mm diam. Ovaries glandular-hairy, sometimes glabrous. Fruits usually glandular-hairy, sometimes glabrous. Stones distinct or partially connate into 1+ spheres.

Phenology: Flowering winter–early spring.
Habitat: Chaparral
Elevation: 800- 1300 m


Subspecies roofii is found mostly on the eastern slopes of the North Coast Range in Glenn and Lake counties, and on the western slope of Sierra Nevada in Butte County (where plants have ovaries and fruits that are glabrous).

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