New Fl. 4: 45. 1838

Common names: Silverhead
Etymology: abridged from old Latin name Bulutaparon
Treatment appears in FNA Volume 4. Treatment on page 456. Mentioned on page 406.
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Herbs, annual or perennial. Stems procumbent or creeping. Leaves opposite, amplexicaul, sessile; blade linear to narrowly obovate, thick, fleshy, margins entire, glabrous except in axils. Inflorescences solitary, terminal, pedunculate, globose or cylindric heads; bracts and bracteoles chartaceous. Flowers bisexual; tepals 5, distinct; stamens 5; filaments connate basally; anthers 2-locular; pseudostaminodes absent; ovule 1; styles 0.2 mm; stigmas 2–3, subulate. Utricles somewhat compressed, broadly ovoid, coriaceous, indehiscent. Seeds 1, dark brown, orbicular.


Mostly littoral in tropical and subtropical America (including Galápagos Islands), Asia (s Japan), w Africa.


Species 4 (1 in the flora).