Bulbostylis ciliatifolia var. ciliatifolia

Treatment appears in FNA Volume 23. Treatment on page 135. Mentioned on page 133, 134.
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Herbs, annual, cespitose. Culms 10–20(–30) cm, bases soft. Leaves: sheaths with ascending-hirtellous ribs; blades filiform, less than 0.5 mm wide, marginal and abaxial ribs ascending-hirtellous. Inflorescences in simple, open anthelae; scapes slightly wider than leaf blades, 0.5 mm diam., glabrous or hirtellous; longest involucral bract usually shorter than inflorescence. Spikelets usually few (3–9), 2–4 mm; fertile scales dark redbrown or dull brown. Flowers: stamens 2–3; anthers 0.8 mm. Achenes slightly less than 1 mm.

Phenology: Fruiting summer–fall.
Habitat: Moist, sandy, open areas, bases of sandhills, moist savanna, flatwoods clearings
Elevation: 0–200 m


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Ala., Fla., Ga., Miss., N.C., S.C., Va.


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