Draba lemmonii

S. Watson in W. H. Brewer et al.
in W. H. Brewer et al., Bot. California 2: 430. 1880.
Treatment appears in FNA Volume 7. Treatment on page 316. Mentioned on page 284, 287, 305, 313, 318.

Perennials; (cespitose, not pulvinate); caudex branched (covered with persistent petiole remains, branches sometimes terminating in sterile rosettes); scapose. Stems unbranched, 0.3–1(–1.5) dm, hirsute throughout, trichomes simple, 0.2–0.7 mm, with short-stalked, 2-rayed ones, (smaller). Basal leaves rosulate; shortly petiolate; petiole base and margin ciliate, (trichomes simple, 0.5–1 mm, midvein obscure); blade (somewhat fleshy), oblanceolate to obovate, 0.4–1(–1.8) cm × 1.5–4(–6) mm, margins entire, surfaces hirsute, abaxially mostly with stalked, 2-rayed trichomes, 0.1–0.8 mm, rarely with fewer, simple ones, adaxially with mostly simple ones, 0.5–1 mm. Cauline leaves 0. Racemes 4–15(–21)-flowered, ebracteate, elongated in fruit; rachis not flexuous, hirsute as stem. Fruiting pedicels horizontal to divaricate-ascending (often somewhat decurrent basally), straight or curved upward, 4–10(–14) mm, hirsute as stem. Flowers: sepals ovate, 2–2.7 mm, pubescent, (trichomes simple, short-stalked, 2-rayed); petals yellow, spatulate, 4–6 × 1.5–2.5 mm; anthers oblong, 0.4–0.6 mm. Fruits ovate to ovate-lanceolate, slightly twisted, flattened, 4–9 × 3.5–5 mm; valves pubescent, trichomes usually simple, 0.1–0.45 mm, rarely with fewer, short-stalked, 2-rayed ones; ovules 10–14(–16) per ovary; style 0.1–0.6(–0.8) mm. Seeds ovoid, 1–1.4 × 0.6–1 mm. 2n = 50.

Phenology: Flowering Jul–Aug.
Habitat: Granitic rock outcrops, boulder slopes, alpine fellfields
Elevation: 3000-4000 m


Draba lemmonii was so broadly circumscribed by C. L. Hitchcock (1941) and R. C. Rollins (1993) that it included plants here assigned to three different species. For a list of features distinguishing D. lemmonii from the recently-segregated D. longisquamosa and D. cyclomorpha, see I. A. Al-Shehbaz and M. D. Windham (2007). Draba lemmonii is apparently restricted to alpine areas of the Sierra Nevada in Fresno, Inyo, Madera, Mono, and Tuolumne counties.

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Ihsan A. Al-Shehbaz +, Michael D. Windham +  and Reidar Elven +
S. Watson in W. H. Brewer et al. +
3000-4000 m +
Granitic rock outcrops, boulder slopes, alpine fellfields +
Flowering Jul–Aug. +
in W. H. Brewer et al., Bot. California +
Abdra +, Erophila +, Nesodraba +  and Tomostima +
Draba lemmonii +
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