Schimper in P. Bruch and W. P. Schimper

in P. Bruch and W. P. Schimper, Bryol. Europ. 5: 151, plates 479, 480. 1852

Etymology: Greek heteros, differing, and kladion, branchlet, alluding to growth form
Treatment appears in FNA Volume 28. Treatment on page 368. Mentioned on page 341, 363, 366, 369, 642.
Plants in wiry wefts, dark green to olive green, occasionally yellowish. Stems irregularly branched to pinnate; paraphyllia few or absent. Leaves appressed or squarrose, imbricate, dimorphic, stem leaves ovate-acuminate, branch leaves ovate; margins plane, serrate, serrulate, or papillose-serrate; apex acute to acuminate; costa single, short, usually 2-fid or double to mid leaf, broad basally; alar cells not differentiated; laminal cells quadrate to rhomboidal, strongly papillose or smooth, walls thickened; basal and juxtacostal cells elongate. Capsule horizontal, short-cylindric, curved.


North America, Mexico, Central America (El Salvador), South America, Europe, Asia.


Species 9 (3 in the flora).

Heterocladium frequently has elongate to flagellate branches. The seta is 0.1–0.2 cm and smooth; the capsule is brown; the operculum is conic-apiculate to short-rostrate; the peristome is perfect, with 2 or 3 elongate, nodose cilia; and the spores are 10–18 µm and essentially smooth.

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1 Laminal cells smooth; leaves squarrose-spreading when dry. Heterocladium procurrens
1 Laminal cells smooth or papillose; leaves spreading to erect-appressed when dry > 2
2 Laminal cell papillae 2-4 per lumen; stem epidermal cells multipapillose; leaf margins papillose-serrate. Heterocladium macounii
2 Laminal cell papillae 1 at distal ends; basal cells smooth; stem epidermal cells smooth; leaf margins serrate to serrulate. Heterocladium dimorphum
Facts about "Heterocladium"
AuthorRobert E. Magill +
AuthoritySchimper in P. Bruch and W. P. Schimper +
DistributionNorth America +, Mexico +, Central America (El Salvador) +, South America +, Europe + and Asia. +
EtymologyGreek heteros, differing, and kladion, branchlet, alluding to growth form +
Illustration copyrightFlora of North America Association +
IllustratorPatricia M. Eckel +
Publication titlein P. Bruch and W. P. Schimper, Bryol. Europ. +
Publication year1852 +
ReferenceNone +
Source xmlhttps://jpend@bitbucket.org/aafc-mbb/fna-data-curation.git/src/f50eec43f223ca0e34566be0b046453a0960e173/coarse grained fna xml/V28/V28 578.xml +
Taxon familyPterigynandraceae +
Taxon nameHeterocladium +
Taxon parentPterigynandraceae +
Taxon rankgenus +
VolumeVolume 28 +