Physaria mcvaughiana

(Rollins) O’Kane & Al-Shehbaz

Novon 12: 325. 2002.

Common names: McVaugh’s bladderpod
Basionym: Lesquerella mcvaughiana Rollins Contr. Gray Herb. 171: 44. 1950
Treatment appears in FNA Volume 7. Treatment on page 650. Mentioned on page 619.
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Perennials; caudex simple or branched, (sometimes enlarged); densely pubescent, trichomes (sessile), several-rayed, rays fused (webbed) most of their length, (umbonate, peltate, tuberculate throughout). Stems few to several from base, erect or outer ones decumbent, 0.5–4 dm. Basal leaves (long-petiolate); blade elliptic to obovate or rhombic, 2–6(–9) cm, margins entire. Cauline leaves (sessile or shortly petiolate); blade oblanceolate to spatulate, 1–3 cm, (proximal broader), margins entire. Racemes dense, (relatively short). Fruiting pedicels (erect to spreading, ascending, or (proximal) horizontal, straight to slightly curved, sometimes loosely sigmoid), 6–12(–20) mm. Flowers: sepals elliptic or narrowly oblong, 4–5.4 mm, (tapered to apex); petals (white, base and claw yellow, conspicuously purple-veined), usually broadly obovate or rhombic, 6–10 mm, (± equal to blade, tapering to slender claw). Fruits (sessile or substipitate, often reddish magenta), usually ovoid to subglobose, inflated, 4–6(–7) mm; valves (not retaining seeds after dehiscence), glabrous; replum as wide as or wider than fruit; septum perforate; ovules 8–12 per ovary; style 1.5–4 mm. Seeds somewhat flattened. 2n = 12.

Phenology: Flowering mid Mar–Apr(-Aug).
Habitat: Stream bed gravels, rocky limestone slopes and hills, canyon bottoms and slopes, limestone rubble
Elevation: 1200-1600 m


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Steve L. O’Kane Jr. +
(Rollins) O’Kane & Al-Shehbaz +
Lesquerella mcvaughiana +
McVaugh’s bladderpod +
Tex. +  and Mexico (Coahuila). +
1200-1600 m +
Stream bed gravels, rocky limestone slopes and hills, canyon bottoms and slopes, limestone rubble +
Flowering mid Mar–Apr(-Aug). +
Coulterina +  and Lesquerella +
Physaria mcvaughiana +
Physaria +
species +