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Abelmoschus esculentus +Fertile, well-drained soil with ample moisture, waste places  +
Abies amabilis +Moist, coastal coniferous forests  +
Abies balsamea +Boreal and northern forests  +
Abies bifolia +Continental, subalpine coniferous forests  +
Abies bracteata +Dry, coastal coniferous forests  +
Abies concolor +Coniferous forests  +
Abies fraseri +Mountain forests  +
Abies grandis +Moist, coastal coniferous forests and mountain slopes  +
Abies lasiocarpa +Coastal, subalpine coniferous forests  +
Abies lowiana +Mixed coniferous forests  +
Abies magnifica +Mixed coniferous forests  +
Abies procera +Mixed coniferous forests  +
Abietinella abietina +Dry, exposed calcareous rock and soil, sand of partially stabilized dunes, talus at base of cliffs, humus in open, coniferous forests  +
Abildgaardia ovata +Rocky, gravelly savanna, solution pockets in limerock  +
Abronia alpina +Sandy soils, alpine meadows  +
Abronia ameliae +Sandy soils, live-oak grasslands  +
Abronia ammophila +Sandy soils, lake shores  +
Abronia angustifolia +Sandy soils, desert scrub  +
Abronia argillosa +Clay soils, desert scrub to pinyon-juniper woodlands  +
Abronia bigelovii +Shrubby gypsum hills  +
Abronia bolackii +Gypseous sandy or gravelly soils, open areas, among sparse shrubs  +
Abronia carletonii +Calcareous or gypseous, clay or silty soils, shrublands  +
Abronia elliptica +Sandy or gravelly soils, desert grasslands, scrub  +
Abronia fragrans +Dry sandy soils, scrub and grasslands  +
Abronia latifolia +Sandy soils, coastal scrub, lees of dunes adjacent to strand  +