Solidago altiplanities

C. E. S. Taylor & R. J. Taylor

Sida 10: 178, figs 2, 3. 1983.

Common names: High-plains goldenrod
Treatment appears in FNA Volume 20. Treatment on page 154. Mentioned on page 110, 150.

Plants 30–100 cm; caudices woody, rhizomes elongate, branching, woody, forming new centers of growth. Stems 1–20, erect, finely scabroso-puberulent, sparsely so with age proximally, densely so distally. Leaves: basal and proximal cauline withering by flowering, subsessile, gradually tapering to short-winged petiole-like bases; mid and distal cauline sessile, blades linear-elliptic to linear-lanceolate, 40–90 × 4–5 mm, 3-nerved from base, midnerves prominent, margins entire, finely scabrous, apices attenuate-acute, faces finely, sparsely to moderately strigose, more so on main nerves, finer nerves translucent, faces sometimes shiny. Heads 25–350, in short to elongate, secund paniculiform arrays, branches ascending or ascending and distally recurved, sometimes second, sometimes elongate. Peduncles 2–6 mm, finely strigose; bracteoles 1–10, often crowded, linear-lanceolate, 2–3 mm, grading into phyllaries. Involucres narrowly campanulate, 3.5–4 mm. Phyllaries in 3–4 series, linear-lanceolate, strongly unequal, margins hyaline, distally subulate-ciliate, apices acute, glabrous. Ray florets 4–5; laminae 1.5–2.5 × 0.5 mm. Disc florets 6–8, 3–3.5 mm, lobes 0.5 mm. Cypselae (narrowly obconic) 1.5–2.5 mm, sparsely strigillose; pappi 3 mm. 2n = 18.

Phenology: Flowering Sep–Oct.
Habitat: Mixed gypsum and shale soils, rocky slopes, escarpments, and ridges in high plains
Elevation: 400–1200 m


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John C. Semple +  and Rachel E. Cook +
C. E. S. Taylor & R. J. Taylor +
Triplinerviae +
High-plains goldenrod +
Okla. +  and Tex. +
400–1200 m +
Mixed gypsum and shale soils, rocky slopes, escarpments, and ridges in high plains +
Flowering Sep–Oct. +
Altissimae +, Solidago subg. Brachyactis +, Solidago (sect. Undefined) ser. Paniculatae +, Serotinae +, Solidago subg. Triactis +  and Solidago (sect. Undefined) ser. Trinerves +
Solidago altiplanities +
Solidago subsect. Triplinerviae +
species +