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Carex aboriginum700–1000 m
Carex abrupta1400–3300 m
Carex abscondita0–600 m
Carex acidicola40–300 m
Carex acutiformis0–300 m
Carex adelostoma10–300 m
Carex adusta0–400 m
Carex aestivalis0–1600 m
Carex aggregata50–300 m
Carex alata0–400 m
Carex albicans
Carex albicans var. albicans50–800 m
Carex albicans var. australis10–200 m
Carex albicans var. emmonsii50–900 m
Carex albidaless than 90 m
Carex albolutescens0–300 m
Carex albonigra300–3900 m
Carex albursina100–1200 m
Carex alma600–2700 m
Carex alopecoidea0–1500 m
Carex amphibola10–1000 m
Carex amplectens1200–2100 m
Carex amplifolia0–2400 m
Carex angustata300–2300 m
Carex annectens0–1500 m
Carex anthoxanthea10–1000 m
Carex aperta0–900 m
Carex appalachica100–1000 m
Carex aquatilis
Carex aquatilis var. aquatilis0–3000 m
Carex aquatilis var. dives0–900 m
Carex aquatilis var. minor0–600 m
Carex aquatilis var. substricta0–1000 m
Carex arapahoensis3400–4000 m
Carex arcta0–2000 m
Carex arctata
Carex arctiformis0–50 m
Carex arenaria
Carex argyrantha0–700+ m
Carex arkansana100–500 m
Carex assiniboinensis
Carex atherodes50–2800 m
Carex athrostachya100–4000 m
Carex atlantica
Carex atlantica subsp. atlantica0–1300 m
Carex atlantica subsp. capillacea0–300 m
Carex atrata10–700 m
Carex atratiformis10–1500 m
Carex atrofusca10–300 m
Carex atrosquama300–3600 m
Carex aurea0–3000 m
Carex aureolensis0–500 m
Carex austrina100–500 m
Carex austrocaroliniana100–800 m
Carex backii200–2100 m
Carex baileyi200–1200 m
Carex baltzellii0–100 m
Carex barbarae0–1000 m
Carex barrattii0–500 m
Carex basiantha50–1000 m
Carex bebbii0–2100 m
Carex bella2800–3900 m
Carex bicknellii50–400 m
Carex bicolor0–500 m
Carex bigelowii
Carex bigelowii subsp. bigelowii0–2000 m
Carex bigelowii subsp. lugens0–1500 m
Carex biltmoreana850–1600 m
Carex blanda0–1000 m
Carex bolanderi30–2500 m
Carex bonanzensis50–900 m
Carex brainerdii600–2800 m
Carex brevicaulis0–90 m
Carex brevior0–2700 m
Carex breweriabove 2500 m in Calif., above 2000 m in Oreg.
Carex bromoides
Carex bromoides subsp. bromoides0–500(–1100) m
Carex bromoides subsp. montana(400–)800–1400 m
Carex brunnescens
Carex brunnescens subsp. brunnescens0–3500 m
Carex brunnescens subsp. sphaerostachya0–3500 m
Carex brysonii90–200 m
Carex bulbostylis30–300 m
Carex bullata0–1100 m
Carex bushii0–500 m
Carex buxbaumii20–3000 m
Carex calcifugens0–40 m
Carex californica0–2100 m
Carex canescens
Carex canescens subsp. canescens0–3500 m
Carex canescens subsp. disjuncta0–3500 m
Carex capillaris0–3500 m
Carex capitata20–3400 m
Carex careyana100–600 m
Carex caroliniana0–500 m
Carex caryophyllea0–100 m
Carex castanea
Carex cephaloidea20–300 m
Carex cephalophora50–500 m
Carex chalciolepis3000–4000 m