Sphaeralcea digitata

(Greene) Rydberg

Bull. Torrey Bot. Club 40: 58. 1913.

Common names: Juniper globemallow
Basionym: Malvastrum digitatum Greene
Synonyms: Sphaeralcea digitata var. angustiloba (A. Gray) ShinnersS. digitata subsp. tenuipes (Wooton & Standley) KearneyS. digitata var. tenuipes Wooton & Standley) Kearney & PeeblesS. pedata var. angustiloba A. GrayS. tenuipes unknown
Treatment appears in FNA Volume 6. Treatment on page 363. Mentioned on page 358.
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Plants perennial. Stems decumbent to erect, green to gray-green, (1–)3–4(–5.5) dm, sparsely pubescent. Leaf blades green to gray-green, wide-triangular, 3-lobed or pedately divided, (0.5–)1.5–2.5(–4) cm, not rugose, base cuneate, margins entire, surfaces stellate-pubescent. Inflorescences racemose, flowers solitary or proximal nodes 2- or 3-flowered, tip ± leafless; involucellar bractlets green to tan. Flowers: sepals 3.5–8 mm; petals red-orange, 8–14 mm; anthers purple. Schizocarps cylindric to widely conic; mericarps 9–13, 3–5 × 2–2.5 mm, thickish, chartaceous, nonreticulate dehiscent part 50–60% of height, tip muticous to short-cuspidate, indehiscent part not wider than dehiscent part, sides finely, not highly reticulate. Seeds 1(or 2) per mericarp, brown or black, glabrous or pubescent. 2n = 10.

Phenology: Flowering spring–summer.
Habitat: Diverse substrates including gypsum, desert scrub
Elevation: 1200–2200 m


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Ariz., N.Mex., Tex., Utah, Mexico (Chihuahua, Sonora).


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John La Duke +
(Greene) Rydberg +
Malvastrum digitatum +
Juniper globemallow +
Ariz. +, N.Mex. +, Tex. +, Utah +, Mexico (Chihuahua +  and Sonora). +
1200–2200 m +
Diverse substrates including gypsum, desert scrub +
Flowering spring–summer. +
Bull. Torrey Bot. Club +
Sphaeralcea digitata var. angustiloba +, S. digitata subsp. tenuipes +, S. digitata var. tenuipes +, S. pedata var. angustiloba +  and S. tenuipes +
Sphaeralcea digitata +
Sphaeralcea +
species +