Alisma subcordatum


Medical Repositoryhexade 2, 5:354. 1808

Common names: Southern water-plantain alisma subcorde
Synonyms: Alisma parviflorum Alisma plantago-aquatica parviflorum
Found in FNA Volume 22.
FNA22 P5 Sagittaria Alisma Hydrocharis pg 21.jpeg
Herbs, to 6 dm. Leaves emersed, rarely floating, petiolate; blade ovate to elliptic, to 15 × 10 cm. Inflorescences to 1 m. Flowers chasmogamous; sepals 1.5–2.5(–6) mm; petals white, 1–3 mm, margins slightly erose, apex mostly acuminate; anthers rounded, 0.4–0.6 mm; style ± curved, 0.2–0.4 mm, ¼ length ovary. Fruiting heads 2–4 mm diam; achenes obliquely ovoid, 1.5–2.2 mm, abaxially rounded, with 1 abaxial groove; beak ascending. 2n =14.

Phenology: Flowering spring–fall.
Habitat: Shallow ponds, stream margins, marshes, and ditches
Elevation: 50–1500 m


N.B., Ont., Que., Ala., Ark., Colo., Conn., Del., D.C., Ga., Ill., Ind., Iowa, Kans., Ky., La., Maine, Md., Mass., Mich., Minn. Miss., Mo., Nebr., N.H., N.J., N.Y., N.C., N.Dak., Ohio, Okla., Pa., R.I., S.C., S.Dak., Tenn., Tex., Vt., Va., W.Va., Wis., Mexico.




Facts about "Alisma subcordatum"
AuthorRobert R. Haynes + and C. Barre Hellquist +
Common nameSouthern water-plantain + and alisma subcorde +
Elevation50–1500 m +
HabitatShallow ponds, stream margins, marshes, and ditches +
IllustratorJohn Myers +
PhenologyFlowering spring–fall. +
ReferenceNone +
SynonymAlisma parviflorum + and Alisma plantago-aquatica parviflorum +
Taxon nameAlisma subcordatum +
Taxon parentAlisma +
Taxon rankspecies +
VolumeVolume 22 +