Corethrogyne filaginifolia

(Hooker & Arnott) Nuttall

Trans. Amer. Philos. Soc., n. s.7: 290. 1841

Synonyms: Corethrogyne californica Corethrogyne californica lyonii Corethrogyne californica obovata Corethrogyne filaginifolia bernardina Corethrogyne filaginifolia brevicula Corethrogyne filaginifolia californica Corethrogyne filaginifolia glomerata Corethrogyne filaginifolia hamiltonensis Corethrogyne filaginifolia incana Corethrogyne filaginifolia latifolia Corethrogyne filaginifolia linifolia Corethrogyne filaginifolia peirsonii Corethrogyne filaginifolia pinetorum Corethrogyne filaginifolia rigida Corethrogyne filaginifolia robusta Corethrogyne filaginifolia sessilis Corethrogyne filaginifolia virgata Corethrogyne filaginifolia viscidula Corethrogyne incana Corethrogyne leucophylla Corethrogyne linifolia Corethrogyne obovata Corethrogyne sessilis Lessingia filaginifolia Lessingia filaginifolia californica
Basionyms: Aster filaginifolius
Found in FNA Volume 20. Treatment on page 451.
FNA20 P49 Corethrogyne filaginifolia.jpeg
Primary stems simple or distally branched. Leaf blades 10–70+ × 3–19+ mm. Involucres: lengths mostly 1–2 times diams. at flowering (living plants). Disc florets: corollas mostly 4–8 mm, tubes 0.6–1.4 mm, glabrous, throats 2.8–5.5 mm, often sparsely puberulent, lobes 0.7–1.2 mm, sparsely to densely glandular-puberulent abaxially, papillate-ciliolate on margins and/or adaxially. Cypselae 2–5 mm, faces puberulent to pilose; pappi 3–8 mm. 2n = 10.

Phenology: Flowering year round, mostly Jul–Nov.
Habitat: Coastal scrub, coastal strand, chaparral, grasslands, coniferous forests, sometimes on serpentine
Elevation: 0–2000(–3000) m


Calif., Oreg., Mexico (Baja California).




AuthorStaci Markos + and John L. Strother +
BasionymAster filaginifolius +
Elevation0–2000(–3000) m +
HabitatCoastal scrub, coastal strand, chaparral, grasslands, coniferous forests, sometimes on serpentine +
IllustratorBarbara Alongi +
PhenologyFlowering year round, mostly Jul–Nov. +
ReferenceNone +
SynonymCorethrogyne californica +, Corethrogyne californica lyonii +, Corethrogyne californica obovata +, Corethrogyne filaginifolia bernardina +, Corethrogyne filaginifolia brevicula +, Corethrogyne filaginifolia californica +, Corethrogyne filaginifolia glomerata +, Corethrogyne filaginifolia hamiltonensis +, Corethrogyne filaginifolia incana +, Corethrogyne filaginifolia latifolia +, Corethrogyne filaginifolia linifolia +, Corethrogyne filaginifolia peirsonii +, Corethrogyne filaginifolia pinetorum +, Corethrogyne filaginifolia rigida +, Corethrogyne filaginifolia robusta +, Corethrogyne filaginifolia sessilis +, Corethrogyne filaginifolia virgata +, Corethrogyne filaginifolia viscidula +, Corethrogyne incana +, Corethrogyne leucophylla +, Corethrogyne linifolia +, Corethrogyne obovata +, Corethrogyne sessilis +, Lessingia filaginifolia + and Lessingia filaginifolia californica +
Taxon nameCorethrogyne filaginifolia +
Taxon parentCorethrogyne +
Taxon rankspecies +
VolumeVolume 20 +