Isocoma acradenia var. bracteosa

(Greene) G. L. Nesom

Phytologia70: 81. 1991

Synonyms: Haplopappus acradenius bracteosus
Basionyms: Isocoma bracteosa
Found in FNA Volume 20. Treatment on page 441. Mentioned on page 440.
Leaf blades mostly 50–150 mm, margins of proximal usually shallowly toothed, of distal entire or serrulate. Involucres 7–8 mm. Phyllary apices spinulose-aristate. Florets 20–27. 2n = 12.

Phenology: Flowering Aug–Oct.
Habitat: Salt flats
Elevation: 0–20 m




In the limited zone of contact between vars. bracteosa and acradenia, intermediates are rare. The two differ in chromosome number and significantly in habitat (altitudes are essentially non-overlapping). Field studies may show them to warrant distinction at specific rank.



AuthorGuy L. Nesom +
BasionymIsocoma bracteosa +
Elevation0–20 m +
HabitatSalt flats +
IllustratorBarbara Alongi +
PhenologyFlowering Aug–Oct. +
ReferenceNone +
SynonymHaplopappus acradenius bracteosus +
Taxon nameIsocoma acradenia var. bracteosa +
Taxon parentIsocoma acradenia +
Taxon rankvariety +
VolumeVolume 20 +